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Condensed FAR91 DOC For Palm Pilot

Removed from current Part 91 (1997) are all page footers and comments, issues related to large aircraft, noise issues, helicopter operations and other references not generally of issue to GA piston engine airplane pilots. 84K DOC format ZIP file.

This Federal Aviation Regulation is current though Amendment 91-254 as published in the Federal Register on April 9, 1997

DOC READER For Palm Pilot

Required document reader for the FAR Part 91 Files. Install this or other DOC reader before installing the FAR part 91 data base. 19K ZIP file

FlyingPilot 2.0 For Palm Pilot

Type of Product/Product Price: Commercial $80.00

Author: GpsPilot

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Flying Pilot is designed to simplify general aviation flight planning. It allows creating, retrieving, editing, reversing, and tracking of your flight plans. Flying pilot provides leg-heading, distance and estimated time en route, as well as wind compensation for each leg inyour route. Flying Pilot works with an ever-increasing range of waypoint databases like US public use airports and runways, US cities. The ultimate navigation map gives you a graphical representation of your route at a glance. The map view lets you visualize your flight plan, scroll, zoom in/out and even display cities, airports and personal landmarks along your route. Coupled with a GPS receiver, you have in hand a complete flight planner and GPS tracker system.

Application Update: World airports database available : Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, England, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, South africa, Spain, Zimbabwe and others ... Download now at download section.

E6B - AV8R For Palm Pilot

Software Title/Version: AV8R

Category: Travel/Navigation

Type of Product/Product Price: Shareware $10.00

Author: Kirk Lindberg

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AV8R is an integrated flight planning tool for pilots. It includes most of the commonly used E6B functions (distance and temperature conversions, time/distance, time/fuel, density altitude, true airspeed and wind correction/ground speed) plus weight and balance calculations. Results from one calculation are carried over to the next. Wt&Bal data for up to 20 aircraft can be stored. The shareware demo is fully functional but has a 30 day timer installed. Registration will provide you future upgrades and the proceeds go to support the EAA Young Eagles program.

Other Software - Win 95, NT, SGI

ASCII Text of FAR91

Note: This Federal Aviation Regulation is current though Amendment 91-254 as published in the Federal Register on April 9, 1997

ASCII Text of Condensed FAR91 53.3K Zip File

ASCII Text of Full FAR91 124K Zip File

FAA Practice Written Test Software

Logbook Software

For SGI, NT4.0, WIN95

 Includes practice exams for Private, Instrument Airplane and Commercial Pilot. I used this software and scored in the upper 90's. Link to download from authors page Kudos to the author.

More to come!