Rick Wagner

Hi! I live in Stacy Minnesota - 30 miles north of Minneapolis/St.Paul with my wife Gail and daughters Anne, Alice and Emily. And;

Our dalmatian - Chance

The cat - Sassy

An iguana named Iggy

One right side up fish - Bubbles

My interests are:


Owners of N1507P a restored 1954 Piper Tri-Pacer PA-22-135, Commercial Pilot, Single/Multi-engine Land, Instrument Airplane. 600+ hours since 1/1/95. Skydiver Driver - going up! Check out my Flight Log!


USPA D-15865 Master Skydiver License. 500+ jumps since 1992 including jumps from Boeing 727, Hot Air Balloon, Helicopters and inverted Biplanes. Freefall Photographer - Video and 35mm. Best Jump - Always the last one.


(Bobber - from a pontoon boat)

I could spend all day on the St.Croix River watching a bobber float.


Senior LAN/WAN Network Administrator

Check Out Ricks Resume


A picture of our airplane N1507P Piper Tri-Pacer


07Papa Is Declaring a Emergency


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Updated November 30th, 1996