Rick's Flight Log - 1998

1/1/98 - Flew 07 Papa to Lake Sullivan west of Millacs Lake in central Minnesota. Small patches of snow on frozen lake were actually 6-8 inch moguls. Stopped short. Lengthy takeoff run.


7/29/97 - Passed Commercial Pilot Check ride in Seminole and Tri-Pacer for MEL/SEL. Yahoo! 2 hours.

7/27/97 - 07Papa. Commercial Maneuvers, VOR8 own nav.,short field T/O and emergencies. 1.1 hours

7/26/97 - 8th Flight in Seminole - Steep turns, drag demo, VMC demo, eng failure, short field app/landings. .8 hours

7/26/97 - 07Papa. Commercial manuevers, short field Benson Airport White Bear Lake - Instructor won’t be going back there again!

7/23/97 - 07Papa. Lazy 8's. chandelle, eights on pylons, short field landings (mine much better than Mikes!) .8 hours. Need to find best speeds and pitch for lazy eight's.

7/17/97 - 7th Flight in Seminole. Vmc, engine fire, emergency decent, VOR 8 own nav. Single engine IFR approach. 1 hour. 1 landing

7/14/97 - 6th Flight in Seminole. Landing gear circuit breaker popped after gear up on departure. Returned to KANE, after several attempts to drop gear breaker stayed in long enough to get the gear down. .5 hours. 1 Landing. Killed mechanic.

7/13/97 - 5th Flight in Seminole. Drag demo, T/O engine failure, Enroute engine failure. Had difficulty restarting right engine after feather shutdown. VOR DME 26 KANE. Actual emergency gear extension due to popping circuit breaker. Nose gear lock light not lit after manual gear drop. Flew past tower for verification and landed without incident. Gail as passenger doesn't want to fly with us anymore. 1 hour. 1 Landing

7/12/97 - 4th Flight in Seminole. ILS 32 KSTP, VOR DME 26 KANE. Short field T/O both procedure's. Less sweat. 1.1 hours. 3 Landings

7/11/97 - 3rd Flight in Seminole. Vmc, Enroute and Take off engine failures. VOR DME ARC 26 KANE. Single engine approach. More sweat. 1 hour.

7-10-97 - 747-200. Flew 747-200 full motion simulator. Ceilings 1000 ILS 29L KMPLS. Landed 747 without assistance or instruction safely on runway and taxied to terminal. 3 other successful landings including Tokyo ILS approach. Several T/O successful including engine failure on rotation. Dead stick landing from 12,000 successful. Who said it couldn't be done? (p.s. no auto pilot, auto brakes or auto anything)

7/10/97 - 2nd Flight in Seminole. Single engine operations -T/O and Enroute, Drag demo, VOR8 KANE. 1.2 hours. Much sweat. 1 Landing

7/9/97 - 1st Flight in Seminole 83223 for multi engine rating. Had to find new instructor, last one ran off to another job soon after my instrument training. Mike Hartnady at Anoka Flight Training (612-786-4883) got stuck with having to provide instruction. Slow flight, power on/off stalls, steep turns, L&R LGDS. 1.1 hours. Much sweat. 2 Landings

5/31/97 - Hollywood Florida - Flew C-172 N130FR for rental checkout. Hazy day - will go back when theirs somewhere to go.

3-15 to 5-30/97 About 40 hours of local flights in 07Papa. Around and around and around…..

03/14/97 - Departed KADS Addison Texas at 1630 in 07Papa with much older brother Vern (less 200+pounds of unneeded stuff shipped back UPS) for MPLS. VFR GPS direct entire route home. Landed Tulsa OK Riverside Airport KRVS for fuel, continued to KMPG Clay County (Kansas City area) and stopped for night 22:30ish. KMPG is a new airport, deserted but for Sheriff parked in unlit parking lot who provided transportation 20 miles to hotel. Night clerk provided transport back to airport in AM and departed 0800. Refueled KOWA Owatonna MN and arrived KANE 1245. Shoveled several inches of snow from hanger doors and put 07Papa back in the barn. Trip totals:Hours enroute - 27.5. Total Miles 1535nautical. Total Flying hours 24.5. IFR hours 4.5. Night hours 8.

3/8/97 - Departed KANE VFR with older brother Vern onboard at 0730 in 07Papa for KADS, north of Dallas Texas. Cleared through MPLS Bravo with "maintain Interstate 35" as final vector southbound. VOR navigation. VFR to I75 Osceola IA for fuel and onto H66 Nowata Oklahoma. Nowata was unplanned refuel stop as headwinds prevented final 40 miles to Tulsa. No fuel in Nowata. Airport deserted and fuel pumps inop. Local Sheriff provides transport to fire station for gas cans and to gas station for 10 gallons fuel. Diverted 20 miles to Bartlesville KBVO for AV gas. IFR to Mc Alester KMLC Oklahoma to refuel. IFR onward to Addison Texas KADS landing 2230 with average ground speed of 53.3 knots while IFR. Unloaded fishing poles, outboard motor, computers, food, clothing, depth finders and fishing tackle. Vern fished several days while I put in about 70 hours replacing a network file server.

2/9/97 - Another trip to Cedar Lake. Emily slept from engine start to shut down, guess it says something for my landings and her confidence level. Had to get snowmobilers attention so they would clear off the runway being used as a drag strip. One low pass was all that was required. Paul and Candi flew up in a 172 with boys P.R. and Ryan. Cigs 1700 vis 5 miles on return leg after dark. LWI.

2/9/97 - Fokker 100 anyone? Wish I could say I flew one but the closest I got was to spend some time kneeling on the floor at the cabin door as the flight crew explained all the systems and controls. I can see where years and years of experience and procedures are required to pilot HEAVY METAL. Went down to Dallas for 36 hours to work on a computer. Weather here was better than there. Cigs and Vis to low to rent airplane for site seeing. Beer light was on at Skydive Dallas so no jumping either.

2/2/97 -Took Dick (whom I share the hanger with) on IFR approach demonstration ride (VFR no hood) in 07Papa. Shot KSTP ILS 32 and KANE DME 26 approaches to demo procedures and communications. LWI.

2/2/97 -Took Gail, Alice and Emily on flight to Cedar Lake in 07Papa. Girls anxious about landing on frozen lake so we told them it was a farm field. Icehouses were explained as large out-houses for Wisconsin-ites who eat a lot of cheese while farming. Thin Ice signs harder to explain. Found 12 other classic aircraft already there. Had so-so lunch (rather expensive and lacking in condiments) at Meisters bar/restaurant. Departed to Balsum Lake WI to look for similar runway and restaurant situation. None found. Returned to KANE. LWI.

2/2/97 -Paul and I made 11am flight in 07Papa to Cedar Lake Strip for hot chocolate. Found ice to be well thick enough even for hard landing. Ice runway as smooth as some grass strips. Returned to KANE. LWI.


Special Entry: 2/1/97 - Short Wing Piper Club meeting canceled. Cigs 300, VIS 1/4 Ice fog.


1/31/97 -Took self on evening flight in 07Papa. Overflew Meisters Bar Cedar Lake strip plowed on Cedar Lake WI in preparation for next days Short Wing Piper Club meeting. Runway plowed on frozen lake looked good enough to land on but better judgment dictated I wait until daylight for landing. Diverted to Osceola KOEO for emergency pit stop. Returned to KANE LWI.

1/19/97 -Took Gail up in 07Papa for ride to Cable WI Telemark Ski Resort (3CU). Flew formation with friends Paul and Candi and his party in Cessna 172. Lost VFR near Shell Lake (KSSQ) so we stood down for about an hour there. Strong crosswinds and patchy ice on RW made for interesting landings. Found 3CU at edge of VFR with more strong crosswinds. Had a wonderful dinner. Departed prior to sunset with 40+ headwinds back to KANE. 3.3 hours for 218 mile flight. LWI..

1/9/97 - Flew right seat in twin Baron to Chicago Midway via St.Paul -Milwaukee. Return same route. Snow moderate too heavy, cigs 2000ish,Vis 1/8 to 2miles snow/fog. MIL closed during approach - aircraft on runway reported on fire, held 14 miles out over Lake Michigan with 747 below. Snow 6-8 inch on runway, more on taxi. Chicago snow frz rain. GPS is a good thing. LWI.

1/8/97 -Tower reminds me runway 17 is to the south. Took self on short joy ride. ATIS reporting 2300 Sct.- found 2300 broken - found hole to climb through (right behind prop) Watched orange sunset over white blanket lighted by cities and towns below. LWI. Through another hole.

1/8/97 Special Entry: Older brother repays loan - have more money for airplane fuel now.


1/1/97 -Departed KANE in 07P SVFR for KHCD to make 4th Annual New Years Skydive. HCD 1/4 mile vis, fog. Attempted 3 VFR approaches, lost visual on runway. Stanton jump plane heard on 122.8 so rerouted via GPS to Stanton. One jump, 4way, 10grand. Ran into Bruce Nelson and jumped with him and 2 Stanton weenies. Departed Stanton with 2miles vis, fog. Popup IFR, outside Bravo back to KANE via hoppi. LWI. (Landed Without Incident)